State Police vehicles across Virginia will now have red and blue lights, following safety study

The new lights on Virginia State Police vehicles will be both red and blue on the front and back
\(Credit: Lee Friesland/Virginia Tech)

Don’t be surprised if you begin seeing more state police cars with red, as well as blue, lights.

As Roxy Todd reports, police across Virginia have begun phasing in new lights, based on a study that showed they’ll help prevent crashes.

  1. #1 by Robert Gessler on March 20, 2023 - 11:16 pm

    First time I saw a police squad car w/ lights a – flashin’, I tgought it was an alien UFO!!! I’m used to that simple ‘bubble-gum-machine’ red light flashing + siren wailin’ away…. PERIOD! BAD – GUY BUSTED!! THIS DISCO – FEVER – ERA RE-VISITED, OR WHAT?????

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