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Pope & Schapiro: Former Presidents Lend Weight And Controversy In Governor’s Race

Former presidents are bringing new attention to the race for governor.

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Michael Pope catch us up on those details and some other closely watched House of Delegates races.

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Draft Congressional Maps Include Big Changes For Central And Western Virginia

One of the draft maps reviewed Thursday (Credit: Virginia Redistricting Commission)

After failing to agree on new maps for state legislative districts, Virginia’s Redistricting Commission is moving on to federal Congressional districts.

David Seidel reports the drafts reviewed Thursday included some big changes for southwest and central Virginia.

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Trump Phone Call Roils Race For Virginia Governor

The fallout from the January insurrection at the Capitol isn’t just at the center of Washington politics. It’s also become a flashpoint in the election for governor of Virginia.

Michael Pope reports.

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Cleaning Up Virginia’s Energy Grid Could Have a Hefty Price Tag

The cost of energy is on the rise across Virginia, prompting a debate about the cost of addressing climate change. Michael Pope reports.

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Many Workers Haven’t Returned; Could That Lead to More Automation?

As schools return to in-person classes and pandemic-restrictions are reduced, Virginia’s economy is still missing many of the workers from before the pandemic. Michael Pope reports.

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New Federal Data Shows Job Growth Varies Across Virginia

Federal data shows job growth in Virginia is uneven. As Michael Pope reports, one part of the Commonwealth is doing particularly well.

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Controversy Abounds for Virginia’s Redistricting Commission

Commission members met virtually Monday morning following a heated meeting Friday (Credit: Redistricting Commission Livestream)

Virginia’s Redistricting Commission remains embroiled in controversy. Members spent much of Monday’s meeting discussing last week’s fireworks. Nick Gilmore has details.


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Va. News: Roaming Pigs And Resort Renovations

People in a rural eastern Virginia community say they’re being overrun by roaming animals… And an iconic Virginia mountain resort is getting a massive makeover.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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With Commission Deadlocked on Race’s Relationship to Districts, Most Public Comment Focuses on Local Concerns

The Virginia Redistricting Commission gathering public comment for the Central Region, on October 6th, 2021. (Credit: Screenshot / Virginia Redistricting Commission)

Commissioners hoped public comment would guide their work ahead of a deadline Sunday. There was widespread public participation, but relatively few commenters spoke about race and ethnicity’s place in the new maps despite that issue being the main roadblock to consensus maps. Jahd Khalil reports.

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Pope & Schapiro: Campaigns Focus On Parents And Vaccinations

As the fall campaign moves into the final weeks, the candidates are trying to capitalize on potential missteps by their opponents.

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Michael Pope talk about how that’s playing out.

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Virginia Indictments Send Message About Worker Misclassification

The labor practices of construction companies across Virginia are in the spotlight because of a new case brought by Virginia’s attorney general.

Michael Pope explains. 

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City Council to Library Boards: Should Local Entities Be Allowed to Meet Virtually?

The pandemic has opened up local governments to all kinds of virtual meetings. But that was only during the declared state of emergency. Michael Pope reports on an effort to keep at least some of those electronic meetings after the pandemic is over.


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Watermen in Broadband, Cell Service Deserts Struggle with State’s Mandatory Move Online

Ida Hall displays her flip phone as she talks to the VMRC board. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission has been slowly moving fishermen, the oyster industry and now commercial crabbers to mandatory online reporting of their daily catch.

But in rural Tidewater, where many go without good cell coverage or internet, that’s a problem.

Pamela D’Angelo reports.

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Demographers: Census Data Shows Virginia’s Urban-Rural Divide Is Growing

Virginia is increasingly becoming a commonwealth of urban and rural.

And, as Michael Pope reports, those two worlds are growing farther apart.

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How Can COVID-19 Patients Regain Their Sense of Smell?

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University found that having a brain injury made it more likely a COVID-19 infection would take your sense of smell or taste.

But is there anything that can help survivors get their senses back?

Jahd Khalil spoke to one of the researchers on that question.

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Changes to SNAP Mean More Benefits Are on the Way to Virginia Families

Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Struggling families across Virginia are about to get a little more help. Michael Pope reports that people who receive food assistance are about to see a moderate increase.

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Va. News: Connecting With City Government And Free Community College

Interacting with city government will soon be less challenging for non-English speakers in one city. And virtually every student currently enrolled in schools in Martinsville and Henry County will have a chance to attend community college at no cost.

These have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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Redistricting Commission Fails to Agree on Consensus Map Ahead of Public Comment Period

This week the public can comment on the work of the Virginia Redistricting Commission.

It was widely understood that the Commission would submit two maps to the public – one for the house and one for the senate.

Jahd Khalil reports they failed to do that.

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Pope & Schapiro: Did Debates Drag Down Either Candidate?

Did the two televised debates between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin change the trajectory of the governor’s race?

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Michael Pope consider what helped and what hurt the two major party candidates.

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