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Va. News: Pool Season Problems And Outdoor Performances

As public swimming pools re-open they’re finding it’s not quite so simple as just unlocking the gates. And a group of determined high school students refused to let the pandemic get in the way of their spring musical.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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Bicycle Boom: Will Cities Keep Some Pandemic Changes?

The pandemic has rearranged many parts of modern life. And a researcher at Virginia Tech says it also may end up reimagining roads. Michael Pope reports.

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Gun Violence Victims Often Have to Jump Through Many Hoops to Get Compensation

The problem of gun violence is leaving a huge death toll. But what about survivors of gun violence? Michael Pope reports they often face barriers to getting compensation funds coming to them.

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Debate Moderator Becomes The Story With Question To Muslim Candidate

Televised debates often make a splash when a candidate makes a gaffe.

But sometimes it’s the moderator that draws all the attention, as Michael Pope reports.

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Former Sen. John Warner Dies At 94

Former Senator John Warner hands Rappahannock Tribe Chief Anne Richardson a piece of Fones Cliffs during a 2017 ceremony. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

Virginians are remembering a political giant.

Former U. S. Senator John Warner died Tuesday night at age 94.

David Seidel has more on his life and career.

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Democratic Primary: How Many Virginians Have Taken Advantage of Early Voting?

The Democratic primary is two weeks away, although voters can vote early right now if they want. Michael Pope reports not many voters have taken advantage of that yet.

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ARP Funding: How Should Virginia School Divisions Use It?


School divisions across Virginia are about to come into a large sum of money thanks to the American Rescue Plan. Michael Pope reports on the debate about what to do with all that money.

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As Eviction Moratorium Ends, What Comes Next?

As the moratorium on evictions draws to a close at the end of next month, many renters are wondering what happens next.

Michael Pope reports.

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Va. News: Plastic Bags And Public Records

A state lawmaker is trying to limit the costs of FOIA requests.  And Roanoke is the first city in the Commonwealth to enact a tax on plastic shopping bags.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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As Mask Requirements Ease, Can Businesses Require Proof Of Vaccination?

Credit: CDC

It’s been a week since Governor Ralph Northam brought Virginia’s Mask guidance in line with the CDC’s. That meant vaccinated people wouldn’t have to wear masks inside in most situations.

Jahd Khalil spoke to a legal expert on how vaccination status could be verified by businesses. 

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As Democratic Field Targets McAuliffe, McAuliffe Goes After Republican Youngkin

The Democratic candidates for governor are heading into the final stretch of the primary campaign, and they’re making their closing arguments to voters.

Michael Pope reports.

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New Assistance For Those Seeking Rent Relief

A new program hopes to connect people in need of rent relief with money that’s already here in Virginia.

Michael Pope explains how.

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Voter Turnout Low in Virginia Democrats’ Primary

The Democratic Primary is less than three weeks away, and so far officials say the turn-out for early voting is low.

Sandy Hausman spoke with one expert who is dismayed by the numbers.

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House Speaker: No More Virtual Sessions

(Credit: VA Capitol Police Twitter Page; @VaCapitolPolice)

The era of virtual government is about to draw to a close, at least at Virginia’s state capitol.

Michael Pope reports.

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Can Democrats Put Trump On Ballot With Youngkin?

House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn speaks at the Alexandria stop of the ‘Where Trump Leads, Glenn Follows’ Tour.
(Credit Michael Pope)

Now that businessman Glenn Youngkin has secured the Republican nomination for governor, Democrats and Republicans are both trying to create a narrative around a candidate many voters have never heard of.

Michael Pope reports.

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After Pandemic Shutdown, Some Indigenous Tribes In Virginia Bring Back Their Powows

Desmond Ellsworth (Nansemond Tribe), an award-winning basket-weaver, displays a favorite basket. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

Last year, the pandemic forced Indigenous tribes in Virginia to cancel festivals and powwows.

With vaccines, safety protocols, and celebrations taking place outdoors, tribes are making their way back to community events.

Jamestown kicked the effort off with its first Indigenous Arts Day. Pamela D’Angelo was there.

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Federal Aid and Unexpected Revenues Could Fund ‘Historic Investments’

Credit: VA Capitol Police Twitter Page; @VaCapitolPolice

Lawmakers are eyeing major investments in infrastructure and programming, as the federal government appropriated billions in relief money and state revenues came in higher than expected. Jahd Khalil reports.


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Predatory Lending Takes Center Stage in Dem. AG Primary

Candidates in the Democratic primary for attorney general are clashing over predatory lending. Michael Pope reports.

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Population Projections Prove Precise

Predicting population growth is a tricky game.

But one Virginia institution has become the go-to source for state population predictions.

Michael Pope reports. 

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Va. News: Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

A community group dedicated to reducing gun violence is looking for more volunteers and more financial support. And the latest numbers show some changes in the list of most popular baby names in Virginia.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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Virginia Governor Lifting Indoor Mask Mandate In Most Places

Gov. Ralph Northam announces the changes in a video message Friday.

Governor Ralph Northam lifted the indoor mask mandate for most settings a short time ago/Friday afternoon.

Virginia will also end COVID-19 mitigation measures on May 28th.

Jahd Khalil has more. 

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A Tick Closer to Understanding Lyme Disease

In Virginia, Lyme disease is transmitted by blacklegged ticks, infected with the Lyme disease-causing bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.
(Credit Virginia Tech)

Lyme disease is on the rise.  Higher global temperatures are part of the problem, helping ticks thrive. 

But it turns out, the infamous black legged deer tick that carries Lyme bacteria in North America, has a secret weapon that scientists have just identified. 

Robbie Harris reports.

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Kaine, Warner Call For End To Whiskey Tariff War

Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are urging the Biden administration to take action to help Virginia whiskey makers.

Michael Pope explains why.

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Analysts: Relative Anonymity Could Be An Asset For Republican Statewide Ticket

Republicans now have a slate of candidates to head into the fall election season.

And, as Michael Pope reports, you might not have heard their names before.

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How much is your community getting from ARPA?

The Treasury Department released much-awaited figures regarding aid from the American Rescue Plan Act Monday evening. In total Virginia’s set to receive $7.2 billion. $4.3 billion will go to the state, and $2.9 billion directly to localities. Jahd Khalil has details.

How much will your community receive in ARPA funds?

Accomack County: $6,277,004

Albemarle County: $21,236,071

Alexandria: $59,633,833

Alleghany County: $2,886,381

Amelia County: $2,553,262

Amherst County: $6,138,901

Appomattox County: $3,090,525

Arlington County: $46,003,782

Augusta County: $14,676,256

Bath County: $805,506

Bedford County: $15,344,241

Blacksburg: $13,364,987

Bland County: $1,219,816

Botetourt County: $6,491,249

Bristol: $10,027,374

Brunswick County: $3,152,681

Buchanan County: $4,079,781

Buckingham County: $3,330,798

Buena Vista: $1,258,276

Campbell County: $10,660,768

Caroline County: $5,967,971

Carroll County: $5,786,553

Charles City County: $1,352,481

Charlotte County: $2,307,551

Charlottesville: $19,609,709

Chesapeake: $76,025,897

Chesterfield County: $68,527,653

Christiansburg: $3,115,411

Clarke County: $2,839,569

Colonial Heights: $6,010,090

Covington: $1,075,692

Craig County: $996,637

Culpeper County: $10,217,905

Cumberland County: $1,929,175

Danville: $29,142,851

Dickenson County: $2,781,104

Dinwiddie County: $5,544,337

Emporia: $1,038,398

Essex County: $2,127,492

Fairfax County: $222,894,638

Fairfax City: $4,665,409

Falls Church: $2,839,181

Fauquier County: $13,834,039

Floyd County: $3,059,059

Fluvanna County: $5,296,878

Franklin County: $10,885,502

Franklin City: $1,547,496

Frederick County: $17,348,003

Fredericksburg: $10,782,747

Galax: $1,232,830

Giles County: $3,247,664

Gloucester County: $7,254,411

Goochland County: $4,613,742

Grayson County: $3,020,405

Greene County: $3,849,608

Greensville County: $2,201,885

Halifax County: $6,586,814

Hampton: $48,660,418

Hanover County: $20,932,282

Harrisonburg: $23,834,094

Henrico County: $64,257,518

Henry County: $9,820,105

Highland County: $425,382

Hopewell: $9,998,813

Isle of Wight County: $7,207,988

James City County: $14,863,696

King George County: $5,212,578

King William County: $3,330,798

King and Queen County: $1,364,524

Lancaster County: $2,059,508

Lee County: $4,549,643

Leesburg: $5,927,673

Lexington: $1,446,298

Loudoun County: $80,324,909

Louisa County: $7,301,611

Lunenburg County: $2,368,930

Lynchburg: $33,328,529

Madison County: $2,575,794

Manassas Park: $3,394,897

Manassas: $7,980,280

Martinsville: $2,438,467

Mathews County: $1,715,901

Mecklenburg County: $5,941,166

Middlesex County: $2,055,429

Montgomery County: $19,139,269

Nelson County: $2,899,977

New Kent County: $4,485,156

Newport News: $66,794,246

Norfolk: $154,141,050

Northampton County: $2,274,530

Northumberland County: $2,349,312

Norton: $773,263

Nottoway County: $2,958,637

Orange County: $7,196,722

Page County: $4,642,683

Patrick County: $3,420,148

Petersburg: $20,961,839

Pittsylvania County: $11,723,057

Poquoson: $2,383,498

Portsmouth: $56,842,564

Powhatan County: $5,759,553

Prince Edward County: $4,429,021

Prince George County: $7,449,621

Prince William County: $91,357,060

Pulaski County: $6,609,346

Radford: $8,228,392

Rappahannock County: $1,431,536

Richmond County: $1,752,612

Richmond City: $154,879,828

Roanoke County: $18,294,526

Roanoke City: $64,576,671

Rockbridge County: $4,384,541

Rockingham County: $15,917,438

Russell County: $5,164,019

Salem: $4,914,423

Scott County: $4,188,943

Shenandoah County: $8,471,897

Smyth County: $5,847,349

Southampton County: $3,424,615

Spotsylvania County: $26,458,167

Stafford County: $29,695,536

Staunton: $12,955,826

Suffolk: $30,065,296

Surry County: $1,247,398

Sussex County: $2,167,505

Tazewell County: $7,885,103

Virginia Beach: $136,429,703

Warren County: $7,801,386

Washington County: $10,438,365

Waynesboro: $9,046,603

Westmoreland County: $3,499,203

Williamsburg: $2,904,639

Winchester: $12,337,682

Wise County: $7,261,210

Wythe County: $5,571,531

York County: $13,262,590

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Beyer Legislation Seeks to Educate About New Number for Suicide Prevention Hotline

For years, suicide prevention advocates have been pressing for a three digit telephone number that could serve as a hotline to save lives. Now, one Virginia congressman has a bill to help make it a reality. Michael Pope reports.


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VDH Spends $1.7 Million on Ads in March and April

The Virginia Department of Health spent $1.7 million in March and April on ads promoting vaccinations and public health measures, according to April 21st data from the department. Jahd Khalil reports.

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Political Newcomer Youngkin Wins Virginia GOP Governor Race

Republicans are heading into the fall election with a relatively unknown candidate for governor.

Michael Pope reports.

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GOP Vote Counting Begins; Miyares Wins Attorney General Nomination

An observer looks on as votes from the Republican Party of Virginia’s 2021 convention are tabulated on Sunday May 9th. (Credit: Jahd Khalil)

The drama during past Republican nomination contests has played out on the convention floor over hours.

Jahd Khalil reports that this year it’s being measured in rounds.

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Republican Convention Voters Cast Ballots In Ranked Choice System

Republican officials are adding up the convention votes cast in about 40 different polling places over the weekend.

Some of the voters from the 6th Congressional District shared their views on the process with Joe Staniunas.

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Va. News: Ramps And Rebel X-Wing Fighters

Foraging for ramps has become a popular, and risky, pastime. And a spacecraft flown long ago in a galaxy far away is in Virginia getting ready for its debut.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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A Final Preview of Saturday’s Republican Convention

This weekend, Republicans will be holding a multi-location convention to select their statewide nominees. Michael Pope has this preview.


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Dem. Gov. Candidates Promise Investment, Environmental Cleanup And Broadband At Southwest Va. Debate

Voting has already started for the June Democratic primary, and candidates for governor are moving toward the close of the campaign.

Michael Pope has more from their most recent debate.

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Northam: Virginia on Track to See COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted on June 15th

Some changes related to pandemic restrictions in Virginia are on the horizon. Nick Gilmore reports.

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Blackface Scandal Resurfaces In Democrat Attorney General Debate

Mark Herring and Jay Jones debate Wednesday evening. (Credit: WJLA livestream)

In 2019, the state was rocked by two separate blackface scandals.  

Now, as Michael Pope reports, those scandals are playing out in the statewide Democratic primary.

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Democratic AG Candidates Focus on New Units

The Democratic primary for attorney general is entering its final phase, and the candidates are trying to draw distinctions between each other over how they will run the office. Michael Pope reports.


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Collective Bargaining: Will Other Localities Follow Alexandria Model?

Credit: City of Alexandria Facebook Page

Last year, the General Assembly passed a new law that allows employees of local governments to engage in collective bargaining. Michael Pope reports on the first local government that has entered into a new agreement with labor.


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Vote Counting In Republican Nominating Convention Could Take Days

Republicans are getting ready for a multi-location convention, when they’ll select their candidates for statewide office.

As Michael Pope reports, don’t expect results for a few days.

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Va. News: Books Behind Bars and Back To School

A new plan for in-person education seems to be working well in one of the country’s biggest school systems… And a group from UVA is hoping inmates at the regional jail will benefit from studying Russian literature.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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