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5th Congressional District Up for Grabs

A map of the 5th Congressional District

The Fifth Congressional District, which runs from northern Virginia to the North Carolina border, was drawn to benefit Republican candidates. 

In 2016, Donald Trump got 53% of the vote to Hilary Clinton’s 42%.  This year, however, the Cook Political Report rates the congressional race a toss-up, with Democrat Cameron Webb trailing Republican Bob Good by a single point in the latest poll. 

Sandy Hausman spoke with Webb and has this profile of the candidate.

And she also has this profile of Bob Good.

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Rural Patients Could Get Care at the Library

UVA’s nurses have been talking with patients once they leave the hospital, to make sure they’re doing well. If homes lack broadband, local libraries may offer space for consultations.
(Credit: Sandy Hausman)

The COVID pandemic has prompted more doctors and nurses to see their patients online, but more than 300-thousand rural residents of this state lack high speed Internet. 

Recent budget cuts in Richmond will delay the expansion of broadband, but a team at the University of Virginia is proposing another way to make telemedicine available as Sandy Hausman reports.

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