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Who Exactly Is Justin Fairfax?


Credit: Lee District Democratic Committee / Creative Commons

The events in Richmond have created a new focus on the lieutenant governor, typically a low-profile job that has suddenly been cast into the spotlight. Michael Pope reports.

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Va. News: Post Office Relocation, Virginia Beach Mystery Photos


Credit: Virginia Public Access Project

A small Virginia town has been wondering why its post office is being moved. It seems they may now have the answer. And, the surprise appearance of some 70-year old photos has created a mystery in Virginia Beach.

Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s VA News link.

More now from Fred Echols.

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Birth Control Access Continues to Prompt Heavy Debate in Richmond

StateSeal00Lawmakers are in a heated debate over abortion this year. But that’s not the only point of distinction between Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly. Access to birth control is another flashpoint in Richmond. Michael Pope has more.

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