Scientists Disagree on Lost Gear, Crab Data in Chesapeake Bay


A derelict crab pot washed up on one of Virginia’s miles of shoreline on Chesapeake Bay. Many lost traps lie on the bottom of the bay and its tributaries, according to VIMS. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo)

Last year, a scientific report put some astounding numbers to crab pots lost by watermen and the subsequent economic loss when they become death traps for crabs that wander in and can’t escape.

Now, a committee of federal and state crab scientists say those numbers were overestimated.

Pamela D’Angelo reports.

  1. #1 by El crabman on May 29, 2018 - 5:26 pm
    Here are the latest numbers from North Carolina. It is funny that every state (NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, FL, LA) that does or has done a removal program, for crab pots, has similar numbers. But it must not be a problem??
    This is a terrible bit of reporting, trying to sensationalize something that is pretty straight forward when you actually look at all of the data from multiple states.
    Aren’t biodegradable panels supposed to break? Isn’t that what they are designed to do? Doesn’t seem too strange that they would break after use.
    I will also be very interested how a non biased scientific report will be generated from a group that has already stated their opinion without looking at all the numbers. It should at least be entertaining. But that is all that matters anymore, right, who needs actual data?

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