The Vietnam Graffiti Project


Lee and Art Beltrone share one of about 400 works of graffiti on canvas, left by U.S. servicemen en route to Vietnam. (Credit: Sandy Hausman)

More than 50 years ago a troop ship in Oakland, California sailed for Vietnam, carrying over 3,000 men.

They slept in very tight quarters on canvas hammocks – one just a few inches above the man who slept below.  That canvas was a tempting target for graffiti – lots of it, and a Virginia couple has saved much of it as a tribute to those who fought in Southeast Asia.

Sandy Hausman reports on the Vietnam Graffiti Project, which will visit Blacksburg this month and Charlottesville in June.

  1. #1 by marianne miller on April 27, 2018 - 9:03 am

    what a wonderful endeavor–thank you mr. and mrs. beltone for detecting the unique memorabilia and pursuing the fascinating story. congratulations to all and thanks to npr for bringing the story to us listeners. m

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