Northam, Gillespie Spar Over Taxes, Healthcare, Confederate Monuments

Ralph Northam, Ed Gillespie

Ralph Northam (left) and Ed Gillespie shake hands before Tuesday night’s debate in McLean. (Credit: Bonnie Jo Mount / The Washington Post via AP, Pool) 

The major party candidates for governor met for a televised debate Tuesday night.  They sparred over taxes, healthcare and Confederate monuments, among other topics. Michael Pope reports on the candidates’ tax plans.

Both candidates appeared to dodge some issues. Northam’s apparent support for two proposed controversial natural gas pipelines was an issue that dogged him during the primary, when Tom Perriello offered clear opposition to the plan. Gillespie also struggled with a question about the healthcare proposal now under consideration in Congress. Michael Pope reports on the candidates’ responses about pipelines, healthcare and Confederate monuments.

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