A River Runs Through It: The Shenandoah, Virginia’s Bread Basket and Algae


Farmer Bobby Whitescarver is on a mission to restore Virginia’s watersheds. His immediate goal is to clean up the Middle River that runs through he and his wife’s 9th generation farm in Swoope. “Our goal is to get this river so clean that we can stock it with Virginia’s native fish which is brook trout. If we can do that, we’ve restored the river.” (Credit: Jessie Knadler)

The Shenandoah River was once considered a world class fishery. Now, sections are coated in a scummy, potentially toxic algae resulting from manure runoff from farms. Jessie Knadler takes a look at Virginia’s water pollution problem and seeks to find out why the state can’t or won’t protect the Shenandoah.

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