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Drones Are a Public Safety Issue, Says One Lawmaker


Credit: Andrew Turner / Flickr

Privately operated drones are quickly becoming more commonplace, as hobbyists use them to take photos and videos. But they’re also posing a public safety hazard, one that one Virginia lawmaker says he has a solution for. Michael Pope has the story.


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Virginia Has A Budget Shortfall, What Does That Even Mean?


Credit: Inove Manore / Flickr

It’s the middle of Virginia’s budget season – meaning lawmakers and the Governor are figuring out how to spend more than 50 billion. But this year, you may be hearing the words “budget shortfall” a lot in the news. Mallory Noe-Payne set out to understand exactly what that means and why it’s happened.

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Hunters: A Virginia Bear’s Best Friend?


David Steger (sitting) and his son, Clint Steger. David Steger was until recently the President of the Virginia Bear Hunting Association. His association has been active in lobbying for conservation efforts for Virginia’s bear population. (Credit: Jessie Knadler)

December is the one month of the year when bear hunters are allowed to use hounds to track their game. This traditional method of hunting remains deeply unpopular among some Virginians. But as Jessie Knadler reports, some bear-hound hunters claim they are some of the species biggest conservationists.

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