This “Everyday Joe” is Running for Office So Virginians Have a Choice

bhm_pics_1_50mm_32Corey Fauconier is likely not a name you’ve heard before. And that’s because he’s a self proclaimed “everyday joe” — who just also happens to be running for Virginia’s State Senate.

Fauconier is the libertarian candidate for the 9th Senate District in Tuesday’s special election. That district includes much of Richmond City, and parts of Henrico, Hanover, and Charles City counties.

Fauconier — though — has a message he thinks all Virginians should hear:  that in 2015, more than half of state lawmakers ran for their seats unopposed.

He sat down with Richmond reporter Mallory Noe-Payne.

Fauconier is running against Democrat Jennifer McClellan. There is no Republican on the ticket. Learn more about Tuesday’s election and if you’re eligible to vote for either of the two open seats here

  1. An Interview with Representative Jennifer McClellan as She Looks to Move to the State Senate | Virginia Public Radio

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