Concerns about Airbnb Could Lead to Stronger Regulations


Credit: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Scheduler / Creative Commons


New technology is disrupting all kinds of industries, everything from newspapers and taxis to music and now hotels. The latest technology allows homeowners to rent out rooms of their house, or sometimes the entire house. That’s causing alarm among lawmakers, who are now engaged in an effort to craft new kinds of regulations. Michael Pope reports.



  1. #1 by motionmanstills on July 19, 2016 - 4:13 pm

    The fear and paranoia that drives some of these legislator’s concerns about AirBnB amazes me. They must perceive perverts and dangers lurking around every corner to think that the mere possibility of someone installing hidden cameras is reason enough to try their best to regulate it out of their communities. It sounds like their perception of the world is a very dark one.

    I’ve had nothing but positive experiences staying in a dozen AirBnB locations over the past five years. Hosts go over the top to accommodate guests who would otherwise have a bland corporate experience in extremely overpriced hotel rooms with no sense of place. Work out kinks in gaps in lodging taxes collected and let adults make decisions for themselves, using their own senses to feel out a situation and decide its safety rather than throwing out worst case scenarios as reasons to impede progress. AirBnB’s data is essentially open source–if there are doubts about lodging taxes being paid, any local government official can browse every local listing. Any listing with reviews has had guests. AirBnB pushes completing the reviews very hard and gov’t officials can get an idea of what kind of traffic a place has.

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