Tangier Island Promised a Jetty – More Needs to Happen to Thwart Erosion

IMG_9860Tucked into Governor McAuliffe’s 2016 budget is $268,000 to build a badly-needed jetty on Tangier Island out in the Chesapeake Bay. The project took three years for the Army Corps of Engineers to study and will take another two years before it will be built. Islanders say they need it now —  and that more needs to be done to save the island. Pamela D’Angelo reports from Tangier.

  1. #1 by liz on February 7, 2016 - 2:06 pm

    We need the state to step up and see that this jetty is needed now, enough with the tests and studies, the problem is plain as day!! The island is washing away with each storm that comes!! Please, enough with the studies that take years to collect data, just please release the money so we can start this project! Tangier men are going tyo be Americas first climate refugees if ignored much longer!!!!

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