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Workforce Skills Gap?

briefcaseWhile the upcoming General Assembly session will focus on such issues as the state budget, ethics reform, and whether or not to expand Medicaid, small business advocates have rolled out a blueprint of their own legislative priorities. Their agenda arose from a summit of the state’s entrepreneurs and business leaders, who want to ensure that the Commonwealth maintains its competitive edge through business-friendly policies. And as Virginia Public Radio’s Anne Marie Morgan reports, they say that begins with a qualified workforce.

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Virginia Conversations: Early Childhood Education

educationIt’s a new year of conversations with host May-Lily Lee.  On this edition we’re talking about early childhood education, with guests Lisa Howard, President of E3, Elevate Early Education. Also, Northern Virginia Delegate Rob Krupicka joins us for the discussion.


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This Month’s Inaugural Events

InaugRichmond leaders are rolling out the red carpet for the inauguration on January 11th and the events leading up to it. As Virginia Public Radio’s Tommie McNeil reports, the inauguration itself will have lots of security, including the Secret Service, for the “dignitaries” expected to attend—which organizers are being very tight-lipped about.

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Springboard to Space Camp, then Space Bound!


Patrick Carney

Parents and grandparents may anguish over the amount of time kids spend playing video games or watching videos on YouTube, but a University of Virginia student offers reassurance.  His passion for those things has led to an amazing prize, as Sandy Hausman reports.

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Political Playbook

House02In 2013 national Democrats took note of Terry McAulife’s win in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Matt Laslo reports they’re hoping to use that ‘Virginia model’ to win nationally in the 20-14 midterms, and they’re trying to make their case with one Virginia Republican in particular.

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Att. General Ken Cuccinelli: Career Look-Back

CuccinelliHe came within roughly two points of winning the Governor’s election, but Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will soon leave public service for the first time in 11 years.  While critics might disagree, he says he sought to defend state laws, fight for public safety and consumers, and push back against government overreach.  In this final part of our retrospective series, Virginia Public Radio’s Anne Marie Morgan reports on some of the initiatives that Cuccinelli believes will impact the Commonwealth long after he leaves office.

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Gov. Bob McDonnell: A Look Back at 4 Years

McDonnellPortraitHis campaign promise was “Bob’s for Jobs.” Now, 1300 economic development deals and 173-thousand net new jobs later, Governor McDonnell says economic issues were indeed his administration’s priority. But he also tackled homelessness and restored rights to more felons than any governor in state history.  In Part 2 of our retrospective series on the outgoing statewide officials, Anne Marie Morgan takes a brief look at McDonnell’s four years as the Commonwealth’s chief executive.

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