Gov. Bob McDonnell: A Look Back at 4 Years

McDonnellPortraitHis campaign promise was “Bob’s for Jobs.” Now, 1300 economic development deals and 173-thousand net new jobs later, Governor McDonnell says economic issues were indeed his administration’s priority. But he also tackled homelessness and restored rights to more felons than any governor in state history.  In Part 2 of our retrospective series on the outgoing statewide officials, Anne Marie Morgan takes a brief look at McDonnell’s four years as the Commonwealth’s chief executive.

  1. #1 by Karen Sanderlin on January 2, 2014 - 8:14 pm

    On Tuesday I heard this review of the Governor’s performance which was produced by VPR as broadcast on WHRV.
    It covered a lot of territory, but there was one GLARING omission. The two words “transvaginal ultrasound” were never mentioned. Since these two words featured prominently in rocketing Virginia to the lead joke on national late-night comedy shows, sank McDonnell’s hopes of running for national office, and helped Republican candidates fail to achieve any major statewide offices in the subsequent election, I believe that somebody was being far too polite with this congratulatory story, and failed to cover the most important part of the McDonnell years.
    And I ‘ll bet at least half of your audience noticed it.
    Karen Sanderlin

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