Sen. Kaine’s First Bill is for Veterans

veteransMedicThe skills that veterans acquire in the military could be aligned with formal credentials for civilian jobs under the first bill that Senator Tim Kaine has introduced in the U.S. Senate.

Kaine unveiled his legislation at the American Legion Headquarters in Richmond yesterday.  He said that as of February this year, the unemployment rate among “Gulf War 2” veterans was 9.5%—up from 7.6 % since early last year.

Under the “Troop Talent Act,” service members would be given information throughout their military careers about earning civilian certifications that match their military occupational training. The Department of Defense would also provide more information to organizations that award credentials and licenses so that they can match the skill sets.  The bill would also seek to prevent fraud by establishing strict standards for courses or programs that guarantee a credential after successful completion.  Additionally, it would add Information Technology to a DOD pilot program that aims to increase access to high-demand career fields.

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