Gun Trafficking Legislation

GunA Virginia Republican is getting some heat for supporting a bipartisan bill to stop gun trafficking.

Scott Rigell was one of the first Republican lawmakers to sign onto gun control legislation. The bill he supports increases penalties on people caught trafficking guns. That did not sit well with the National Association for Gun Rights which put up ads in Rigell’s district saying the Republican wants to “pass Obama’s gun control.” Rigell says that’s an utter distortion.

“There’s no infringement whatsoever. The bill is very narrow in scope. It’s good legislation, so I’m glad I sponsored it.”

But the attack ads show how much pressure is on Republicans, and even Democrats, to keep the nation’s gun laws unchanged. But Rigell says he has no regrets.

“Well I certainly knew that there was some risk in standing next to my Democratic colleagues as a Republican on this issue, but there’s risk in doing what one thinks is right.”

Rigell also notes that he opposes universal background checks and banning assault weapons.

-by Matt Laslo

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