Senate Campaign Update

The hot summer weather has not deterred U.S. Senate candidates George Allen and Tim Kaine, who have maintained a brisk pace on the campaign trail.  The two former governors have been criss-crossing the Commonwealth, holding meetings with citizens, and unveiling policy positions.

Allen has been visiting businesses.  To boost U.S. hiring and competitiveness, he calls for eliminating the red tape that impedes job creators—and cutting corporate income taxes, which are the world’s highest.  At Merit Medical Systems in Chester, Allen said he would repeal the new federal tax on medical devices that takes effect in January.

“Where the United States is preeminent in the world is in medical device manufacturing. And so what are the folks in Washington doing?  They’re imposing this tax.  What is that going to do?  It makes our country less competitive!”

Kaine rolled out an energy plan to expand use of all sustainable forms of domestic energy—and spoke at an Arlington forum with government employees. On a conference call, he proposed avoiding scheduled deep defense cuts through spending reductions and renewing most of the Bush tax cuts.

“I’ve called on Congress to allow the tax cuts to expire for those earning over $500,000.  This is a middle ground.  It’s a compromise between where the president is and the ‘make everything permanent’ position.”

The dates for three more debates have been set—on September 20th, and October 8th and 18th.

–Anne Marie Morgan

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