Health Care Vote

This week the U-S House will vote once again to repeal the president’s signature health care law.

Republicans are doubling down on their efforts to repeal the health care law. Virginia Republican Randy Forbes says repeal has always been a priority for his party but that they’ve gained new energy now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the law.  “Our efforts have never been slack. It’s a multi faceted attack to do it,” said Forbes.

The G-O-P is holding yet another vote to repeal the law this week. At the same time they’re working to defund and dismantle the law piece by piece. With the Senate controlled by Democrats the efforts of House Republicans are bound to fail but they do score points with the party’s base. That’s why Virginia Republican Morgan Griffith says the most important thing the G-O-P can do to eventually unwind the law is to mobilize their base in November.  “I’m disappointed the Supreme Court didn’t straighten it out, but Congress made this mess – Congress can fix it. But we need a few more senators who understand that a government run health care plan is not what the American people want or need,” said Griffith.

Now that the law has been ruled constitutional Virginia Democrat Jim Moran says the G-O-P strategy is bound for failure.
“They want to continue politicizing this and I think they do so at their peril. The more Americans understand what’s in this bill and how it will affect them the more they realize this was clearly in the best interest. And I think in the long term the president is going to be benefited by the Republicans labeling it ‘Obamacare.’”


–Matt Laslo

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