Offshore Drilling Debate

U-S House Republicans continue to try to pressure the Obama Administration to open up Virginia’s coast to offshore oil and gas drilling.

In Virginia the House of Delegates, the Senate and Republican Governor Bob McDonnell have all approved drilling for oil and gas off the commonwealth’s coast. Still, the Obama Administration has a moratorium in place blocking Virginia from leasing out the area for drilling, which is puzzling to Virginia Republican Congressman Scott Rigell.

“So here we have the express, collective wisdom and will and desire of Virginians and it’s being thwarted by the administration,” said Rigell, who
recently got the House to approve an amendment that would lift that moratorium, which he says would do well for the economy across the state.

“We are optimistic about this. It has tremendous job creating potential, not only Virginia’s second congressional district but the entire region.”

Environmentalists and people in the tourist industry vehemently oppose the plan to drill off Virginia’s coast, saying the potential harms far outweigh any new revenue.

— Matt Laslo

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