Heat Reminder

Just as summer officially kicks off, there are a few things that Virginia motorists need to be aware of.

AAA Mid Atlantic Spokesperson Windy VanCuren reminds us of the time when the husband of the Richmond SPCA head left a pet in the car, where it died.  She says it shows common sense doesn’t always translate to common practice, which is why they’ve asked motorists to be mindful of very hot conditions.

“Even on a shady day when temperatures are 80-degrees outside, after 20-minutes, the internal temperature of a vehicle can reach 109-degrees,” says VanCuren.

But VanCuren says already this week, there have been near 100-degree days, making the temperature inside most cars quickly exceed the 120-degree mark.

“At 107-degrees, a child’s brain cells are damaged and their internal organs start to shut down at core body temperature,” she says.

This is especially true for children under the age of four. “Their body absorbs the heat a lot faster than adults at three-to-five times faster.”

AAA advises people to leave something they need in the seat with the child or pet—as a reminder. VanCuren says people can dehydrate very quickly, so it’s always important to have large amounts of water stored in the car. It’s also handy in the event the car overheats.

–Tommie McNeil

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