College Costs

Tuition at public universities across the Commonwealth will go up again during the next academic year.  But the increases are not as steep as in the recent past.

Tuition and fees will rise about 4% on average for Virginia’s public universities and colleges this fall—less than the almost eight percent increase last year.  Officials say the injection of an extra $258-million from the state budget helped keep a lid on rising tuition and fees. State Council for Higher Education Director Peter Blake told the House Appropriations Committee that varied state funding levels have had a direct impact on the price students pay.

“Mr. Chairman, this is a good news story. The good news is that because of the investment you made in higher education during the last General Assembly session, not only are tuition and fees half of what they were last year, the increase half as what it was last year, they are also the lowest tuition and fee increase in Virginia in 10 years,” said Blake.

Students will pay $70 more a year at Norfolk State compared to an extra $651 at VMI.  As state general fund support declined over the last decade, tuition rates rose, pushing more of the cost onto students.  However, Blake says the total cost of higher education in Virginia has remained flat.

–Amanda Iacone

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