UVA Board of Visitors Meets; Faculty Senate Makes Demands

The Board of Visitors is meeting behind closed doors at the University of Virginia this afternoon.

Earlier today, the faculty senate’s executive council had a private meeting with Dragas to discuss Sullivan’s resignation.

In a written statement, faculty representatives described their meeting with Rector Helen Dragas as cordial – an opportunity to ask questions about recent events and to hear the board of visitors’ perspective.  Faculty members also wanted to know what role Dragas saw for them in governing the university and why the board of visitors acted in what the statement called a “speedy and secretive way.”

The executive council representing teachers and researchers then shared a list of possible actions.  First, the faculty proposed a delay in naming of an interim president, so they could be consulted on the decision.  Second, they asked that President Sullivan be reinstated and that the board recommend adding UVA faculty as voting members.  Finally, the group suggested Dragas and Vice Rector Mark Kington resign in the best interests of the university.

About 13% of the nation’s public universities include faculty as voting members of their boards.  Another 10% have representatives as non-voting members – among them Virginia Tech, George Mason, Virginia State and Radford universities.
— Sandy Hausman

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