Energy Efficiency Plans

The State Corporation Commission is allowing Virginia’s largest electricity supplier to move forward with several energy-efficiency and demand-reduction programs.  The initiatives aim to save residential and commercial customers who sign up for them some money.  But whether a consumer subscribes to the program or not, some sacrifices will be made by all.

The SCC’s Andy Farmer says Dominion Virginia Power customers will soon be introduced to four residential bundle programs.  “The first component is a residential home energy check-up program, there’s a duct testing and sealing program, a heat pump tuning program, and a heat pump upgrade program,” says  Farmer.

Businesses will have a Commercial Energy Audit and Commercial Duct Testing Program. Farmer says this is part of the state’s mandate to reduce electricity consumption by 10% by the year 2022, which Dominion’s David Botkins says will save customers money over time.

“They’ll be structured in such a way that it’s easy for customers to sign up and participate if they choose to, and ultimately manage their energy usage in a more efficient, effective way,” says Botkins.

But since Dominion will be selling less energy, it will lose revenue. So the SCC has allowed the company to recover costs through “Riders”—which allow it to charge all customers about .34 a month.  It could have been more had the SCC not capped the combined cost recovery for homes and businesses at $135-million. The programs will be available July 1st.

–Tommie McNeil

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