Women’s Rights Rally in Richmond

Virginia’s new mandatory ultrasound law for women undergoing abortions has galvanized women of all ages in the state who oppose it. The controversial bill also prompted protests this winter.  several hundred people gathered in Richmond this weekend to rally not only for pro-choice, but for equal pay and equal access to affordable health care.

Virginia women are fighting legislation at the state and national level they consider an attack on women’s equality. About three hundred women, children and men rallied in Richmond this weekend to give voice to their concerns. Some women worry about affordable birth control, while others want their paychecks to mirror their male co-workers’.

“We’re here because women are angry and we’re tired of being treated. We’re tired of being second class citizens. And it’s time for that to change, systemically in throughout the culture in every way possible. Through an equal rights amendment, through equal pay, through birth control. All of it. Through protection against domestic violence. We demand to be treated as full fledged citizens of this country,” said Victoria Bragunier with Richmond NOW.

Women involved in Saturday’s rally say their concerns aren’t likely to go away anytime soon.  In contrast, the new law’s supporters say the ultrasounds are modern, state-of-the-art technology that could help women make fully informed decisions.

— Amanda Iacone

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