Energy Bills

As the Virginia General Assembly began working in its special budget session, Governor McDonnell showcased 13 energy-related bills that state lawmakers recently passed.  The Governor and legislation sponsors gathered in the Science Museum of Virginia for a bill-signing ceremony.

The bills were signed in front of a real-time electronic indicator changing by the second to depict the world’s growing energy demands. They include measures to allow more natural gas infrastructure expansion for economic development projects, promote development of renewable thermal energy, and include landfill gas in the state definition of renewable energy.

Delegate Jackson Miller said renewable energy must become more reliable and affordable, so his bill incentivizes investor-owned electric utilities to invest in such progress.

“Our public utilities can spend money for their renewable energy credits on research and development either with universities or the private sector.  Not only will this help bring renewable energy up to speed—to the affordability and reliability that we need out of renewables—but it will also promote jobs—hi-tech jobs—in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It will also help promote and build our universities as some of these projects occur within our higher institutions of education,” says Miller.

Yet another bill creates a fund to help convert the state fleet to alternative fuels.

–Anne Marie Morgan

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