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For many Virginians, the day will come where they will have to evaluate whether or not their loved one’s driving habits are a risk to themselves and other motorists.  But it’s not easy to make that assessment, especially when the senior driver doesn’t think it’s time to put the license away and rely on someone else.  AAA Mid-Atlantic is providing a free way for older Virginians to test their skills at home—and without fear that their license will be revoked if they perform poorly.

AAA cites data revealing that for the next 20-years, more than 10,000 “Baby Boomers” will turn 65 each day.  Other statistics indicate that Virginia is the 16th highest in traffic fatalities where a driver was 65 or older—with 134 of those fatal crashes in 2010 alone.  But AAA-Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Windy VanCuren says those numbers are declining, and she attributes some of that to the tools on the Senior Driving website.

“So you’ve got tools for the Seniors to test their reaction time, their flexibility, things that tend to deteriorate as you get  a little bit older, and then you’ve got tools for the family members on how to approach their parents or loved ones when it might be time to change some of the driving habit,” says VanCuren.

She says it’s very interactive, and can also be a proactive tool for those who aren’t quite Baby Boomers but may need to brush up on their skills and new laws.

The link to the website is:

–Tommie McNeil

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