Virginia’s ‘Personhood’ Bill Halted

The Virginia State Senate has voted to send the controversial “Personhood” bill back to committee—essentially killing it for this legislative session.  The lawmaker who advocated sending the bill back to committee is one who supported the measure initially.

The legislation had narrowly passed the Senate Education and Health Committee earlier in the morning following a contentious hearing.  Later, as the bill was considered by the full Senate, Republican Senator Tommy Norment broke ranks with his caucus and asked his colleagues to reconsider the bill:

“I listened to presentations from Constitutional lawyers, to OB/GYNs, to doctors from the Jones Institute, and so I rise in support of the motion because under rule ’20-J’, it can be recommitted to the committee with the direction at the discretion of that committee to take additional evidence in consideration during the year. And I think due to the importance of this bill that that probably is the most appropriate way to handle it,” said Norment.

Other members of Norment’s caucus also sided with the motion to send it back to committee with a 24-14 non-partisan vote.  

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