Debate Over Abortion Bill

Virginia’s House of Delegates moves another abortion bill forward after contentious debate.  The legislation repeals state funding for poor women who opt to terminate a pregnancy after learning that the child would be mentally or physically incapacitated.

Delegate Jennifer McClellan said this is not a bill that sends a message to promiscuous women who have an abortion because they don’t want a child but, instead, it cuts funding for those who DO want children but are advised of undesirable circumstances after birth”Let’s be real. That child will then become the financial burden of everybody,” said McClellan.

Delegate Joe Morrisey told the House GOP that it’s the type of overreaching Governor McDonnell warned against last month.

“When I say I’m pro-life and I’m Democrat, I’m proud of both, but Mr. Speaker, with this bill, the majority party has gone too far,” said Morrisey.

But Delegate Mark Cole said the bill merely conforms state law to longstanding federal policy.  He said it’s not about the lawmakers, but their constituents.

“You start a charity instead of reaching into the tax payers’ pockets and forcing people who think this is morally wrong to pay for something that is against their conscience.”  Cole added that it does not ban abortions, but shifts the financial burden to private entities such as Planned Parenthood who could choose to foot the bill.

–Tommi McNeil

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