Handgun Purchases

Both the House and Senate have advanced legislation to repeal a law that limits how many handgun purchases a Virginian can make each month. If the measure succeeds in its final vote in the Senate, former Governor Doug Wilder’s signature “One-Handgun-A-Month” law, which has been on the books for  nearly two-decades, will meet a near-certain end when sent to Governor McDonnell.

The bill has passed the House.  During debate, Delegate Joe Morrisey argued that repealing the law opens Virginia up to black market firearms-trading that will help drug addicts to feed their addiction.

“He will go into a place and he will buy nine or 10 glocks, or 357’s, or whatever.  Not making it up but it is what happened 20-years ago. And we will return to the days where we are the gun capitol of the South,” said Morrisey.

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter countered with three points. He first said the law has been obviated by the passage of many exceptions—including thousands of concealed carry permit-holders.

“Data point number two—the technology exists today, and it’s good folks, and I can show you how good it is–where the State Police and the ATF have actually intercepted many people who have tried to buy firearms in violation of the law,” said Lingamfelter.

He also said it’s about the right of law-abiding citizens to buy as many guns as they choose. Although Governor McDonnell supported the limit as a Delegate, he has said he’ll side with those who want it repealed.

–Tommie McNeil

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