HPV Vaccinations

Once again, a battle over requiring young girls to receive HPV vaccinations in Virginia took center stage with Republican Delegate Kathy Byron sponsoring a bill to repeal the mandate.  Two doctors in the House of Delegates are against the proposal…but most of the House did not agree.

The bill responds to concerns that the vaccine has caused harmful side effects in some girls… so as a health issue, the state should eliminate the requirement.  But others argue that the vaccine protects women from cancer, and without state funding, those with lower incomes would not be able to afford it. Byron said this bill addresses that.

“This bill does not prevent young girls from receiving the vaccine, nor does it take away the funding for the vaccine. The bill’s intended to remove the state from a decision that should rightfully be the sole  prerogative of a family and their physician,” said Byron.

Democratic Delegate Jennifer McClellan argued that repealing the law treads on the health of women… and she supported an amendment to give parents more options even if the bill passes. The bill has now advanced to its final reading.

–Tommie McNeil

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