House Wrangles Over Redistricting

Day two of the General Assembly session was once again filled with contentious debate.

The House of Delegates controversy was not centered around control as in Wednesday’s Senate session. Instead, it concerned Congressional redistricting.

Delegate Rob Bell is continuing the push by a former Delegate to draw congressional lines that only include one minority-majority district, and he motioned to move the bill to its final reading.  Delegate Jennifer McClellan contended that one such district is not enough and the current bill, which is the same plan that passed the House last year, aggregates black voters into one district:

Bell says the current plan complies with the Voting Rights Act, and there is no reason to delay moving forward.

The bill was sent to its final reading and is expected to be sent to the Senate where Democrats last year contested it.  But they have fewer members, so it could pass both chambers in its current form.

-by Tommie McNeil

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