30 Day Utility Reprieve for Some

These days it’s not particularly shocking to hear that someone has fallen on hard times, especially if the primary bread-winner is ill.  But the State Corporation Commission is advising residents of a new law that could give a number of those who are struggling a little extra time to make ends meet.

State Corporation Commission spokesman Ken Schrad says utilities were allowed to cut the source of heat, water, and essential appliances 10 days after a notice was sent, although some did grant exceptions. The new state law establishes a 30-day exception—but only for people with a serious medical condition who can prove it.

“Keep in mind, they still owe the electric company or the water company, and there’s still a threat of service being cut off. It’s just a matter of getting additional time before that final act occurs.  Under the rule adopted by the commission, a customer can only use this provision twice in any 12-month period. So basically you have two opportunities to take advantage of this rule over the course of one year,” says Shrad.

— Tommie McNeil

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