Energy Conference

The state’s second annual conference on energy has wrapped up, as Governor McDonnell promotes more diverse energy sources for the Commonwealth

The Governor’s Senior Advisor on Energy, Maureen Matsen, says three very different energy company leaders— Dominion Resources’ Tom Farrell, Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers, and NRG’s David Crane—provided distinct insights. Some think the leading emerging technology may be either solar panels or electric cars, but they all agreed that the state can not move forward without traditional energy.

“I think that all three of them agreed that nuclear is a critical component of our base energy assets. That’s efficient base load that we’re going to need for the future. That coal is certainly is still a large part of what we do–we can’t keep the lights on without it. And natural gas–it was interesting–Jim Rogers isn’t sure that it’s a game changer, but others are quite sure that it’s a game changer,” said Matsen.

Dominion, the state’s largest energy provider, is diversifying its resources—but says all forms of energy will be needed to keep up with surging demand. Matsen adds that state leaders are working to make Virginia the East Coast leader in wind energy—and consulting with other countries to ensure that coastal wind power is more efficient than other projects nationwide.

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