Small Business Summit

While large corporations are more than welcome to set up shop in Virginia, Governor McDonnell told a gathering of small business leaders that they are not being overlooked, especially since they provide the majority of jobs within the Commonwealth and the U.S.

But he also said at the first Governor’s Small Business Summit that the legislature cannot do it alone. He’s asking these business leaders to devise plans and innovative ways to become world-class local and global competitors.

The Governor said the state wants to cultivate a positive environment where businesses can prosper, expand, and hire Virginians. He also expressed how he feels about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests around the state and country.

“It’s sort of disappointing to see some people that have points to make and are free to make them, but camping out in the parks and protesting against business. Well, that’s what creates jobs. And I want people in Virginia to know that we’re pleased with our businesses coming here and investing and creating opportunities.”

McDonnell said that while Washington may not be listening to the needs of the people, Virginia lawmakers are, and he believes the entrepreneurs who head smaller businesses in Virginia are the same type of visionaries who created Microsoft and Apple. He believes that the thousands of U.S. regulations are preventing those companies from expanding. Although the Governor supports the creation of higher paying technology jobs, he would like to see a resurgence of manufacturing jobs here.

-by Tommie McNeil

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