Virginia General Assembly Elections

With the election only a month away, the campaigns for all 140 House of Delegates and Virginia Senate seats have kicked into high gear.  Dozens of seats are uncontested, but the stakes are especially high in one chamber of the General Assembly.

 A number of long-time incumbents are defending their seats.  But the Senate is more competitive than the House, with the two major parties vying for control.  State Election Services Assistant Manager Matt Abell says the Senate has only 14 uncontested seats.  “That leaves 26 contested races of the 40.  Twenty-four of the 26 are contested between the major parties—the Republican and Democratic candidates.”

The House has only 37 contested seats, with 27 between the major parties. The rest have Independents, Libertarians, or Independent Greens on the ballot.  But Abell says the number of competitive House races has recently declined. “In 2007, there were 59 uncontested House of Delegate races. That dropped to 32 in 2009.  And now in 2011, we’re up to 63 uncontested races,” he says.

Virginia will also hold local elections, including those for constitutional officers, supervisors, and school boards.
–Anne Marie Morgan

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