Texas Governor Rick Perry Visits Virginia

More than 1000 people assembled at the Richmond Convention Center for an event featuring Texas Governor and GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry.

The luncheon was scheduled to raise funds for November’s General Assembly elections.  But the focus quickly turned to national politics and the Commonwealth’s role as a pivotal battleground state. The attendees included Christopher Raymond, who drove from Connecticut to assess both Perry and Governor McDonnell.

“It’s worth the drive to see potentially the next President of the United States and to be honest, potentially the next Vice President—because I think Bob McDonnell is going to be at the top of that list, with Marco Rubio and the Governor of Nevada, who just endorsed Governor Perry.”

The speakers stressed that Virginia is the path to victory next year.  McDonnell agreed, but did not endorse Perry and reminded the crowd to work to impact the fall elections.  He also praised Perry’s record, saying 40% of U.S. jobs created in the last two years were in Texas.  Perry received a standing ovation, pledged to follow those same job-creating principles if elected President, and said the country is in trouble.

“This administration called food stamps an economic stimulus.  I think food stamps are a symptom of the problem—they’re not the solution.  The problem is too many Americans cannot find work, Mr. President.  That’s the problem.”

Perry later told reporters that it was thinking too far ahead to say whether McDonnell could be his running mate.

Former Governor Tim Kaine’s Democratic U.S. Senate campaign sent out an e-mail saying, “It’s no surprise that Governor Perry wants to help folks who would support his extreme right-wing views if he becomes President.”

-by Anne Marie Morgan

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