Republicans Talk Plans

Although state Democratic leaders disagree …Virginia Senate Republicans believe the dynamics of state politics are about to change dramatically for the first time since 2007.  They believe they have the candidates in place to retake the state Senate and control both chambers.

But Lt. Governor Bill Bolling says the GOP has the numbers to propel the Republicans in the Senate to a minimum of 21.

“I can’t ever remember a year where we have fielded 36 Republican candidates out of 40 districts. That is an amazing accomplishment—and good candidates. You know candidates as Ryan said who are business leaders, some who have had prior political experience, either on the local level or the state level. It’s not just the number of candidates that we’re fielding–it’s the quality of the candidates that we’re fielding.”
Democrats are fielding nominees in only 28 of 40 Senate districts.  Bolling says some races will be challenging, but he believes this year, Democrats will be on the defensive.  The GOP senators also think they have more diverse candidates—from moderate to conservative—but that they’re more united on issues than their Democratic counterparts.

— Tommie McNeil

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