Colonial Williamsburg Goes High Tech

Colonial Williamsburg is turning to some very un-Colonial  technology in hopes of engaging  a new generation of visitors …..without diminishing Williamsburg’s historic appearance and feel.

It means smart phones and text messages are joining fifes and drums as part of the Williamsburg experience.

Jim Horn, Vice-President of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historical area, says Williamsburg isn’t foresaking its familiar sights and sounds– but attracting more visitors is a continuing challenge.  While it drew 450,000 ticketed visitors last year, that’s still about 100,000 less than the year before.  ” Kids are wedded to the i-phone. That’s the world as they understand it. By bringing phones here, it makes more sense, connects them more to the period in history,” says Horn.

The Revquest plan began July 15th– and officials acknowledge that while it’s sure to undergo changes in the future, there is little doubt that it reflects a future trend at Williamsburg and other cultural attractions, one that might be considered revolutionary.

— by Evan Jones


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