Assembly Conversations: Redistricting Roundup

Logan Feree

Bob Roberts

Isaac Wood

Sean O

Hena Naghmi

“Redistricting” is the legislative map drawing that occurs every ten years to adjust for population shifts. Most times, the re-working of congressional and state legislative districts generates little public interest. But today, in Virginia, change is in the air. Public interest groups and even some politicians have been vehement in their criticism of efforts to gerrymander new districts in order to favor political power groups. And a heated debate about redistricting is going on this week in Virginia’s state capitol.  In this addition of  “Assembly Conversations” — a close up look at the redistricting debate and how it could affect communities across the commonwealth.

Host Tom Graham talks with political analysts Dr. Bob Roberts and Isaac Wood, political consultant Logan Ferree, as well as University of Virginia student Hena Naghmi, from the winning team in the Virginia College and University Redistricting Commission. Dr. Sean O’Brien, a member of the Governor’s Bipartisan Commission on Redistricting joins the panel.

Also, as you listen to the program, take a look at this user-friendly series of maps posted by the Virginian-Pilot, link posted below, allowing you to see the current districts, as well as the impact of redistricting proposals for the Senate made by Democrats, and the proposed map by Republicans made for the House.

Also, need to know who your legislators are and how to contact them? Check out this link from the Virginia General Assembly’s website.

Click here to download an MP3 of Assembly Conversations for April 5, 2011.