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Virginia Conversations: Personalized Cancer Care

PersonalizedEveryone has a similar reaction when told they have cancer… but not everyone has the same treatment anymore.

Personalized medicine is the high-tech cutting edge tool in the battle against cancer. We’ll tell you how researchers are tailoring the treatment to fit the patient, and hear from cancer survivors who are alive today because of it.

Resources From the Program:

For cancer research information, click here.

Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia

Blue Ridge Cancer Care

Or email Ann Duesing, Librarian, UVA Health Sciences Library at


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Sarvis for Senate Campaign

Robert Sarvis

Robert Sarvis

While he obviously didn’t win the Virginia gubernatorial race last year, Libertarian Robert Sarvis pulled more than six-percent of the vote—which is impressive for a third-party candidate–and enough for some to argue that he siphoned votes away from former Virginia GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Now, fresh off that campaign, Sarvis is really trying to pull an upset and win the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Mark Warner. He spoke with Virginia Public Radio’s Tommie McNeil about his game plan.

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Cotton to Silk

Employees at the Bluefield, WV shop in June of 1929. Photo: Norfolk Southern Corporation

Employees at the Bluefield, WV shop in June of 1929.
Photo: Norfolk Southern Corporation

An oral history project and a soon-to-be released book tell the story of African American Heritage on the Roanoke-based Norfolk and Western Railroad. The memories are those of 20 retired and current black employees of N&W, which later became Norfolk Southern.
As Connie Stevens reports, the railroad was a microcosm of America itself—and the stories illustrate the momentum of equal opportunity.

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UVA Welcomes Berlin Wall Exhibit

Berlin01The University of Virginia recently unveiled a painting by one of Germany’s best known graffiti artists — on four panels of the Berlin Wall. Sandy Hausman tells how that 9,000 pound monument came to Commonwealth.

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Series is a House of Cards for Virginia

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

With the Netflix series House of Cards threatening to leave Maryland, you might expect the state of Virginia to be in hot pursuit, but Sandy Hausman reports that Richmond is giving the cold shoulder to Francis Underwood.

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UVA Professor Takes Second Pulitzer

Internal EnemyA University of Virginia Professor is celebrating a rare victory today – winning a Pulitzer prize for the second time. Sandy Hausman reports on the book that took top honors.

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Richmond Expo Features Natural Gas Vehicles

NatGasTruckRepresentatives of Virginia Clean Cities joined car manufacturers and industry experts at a Richmond Expo to showcase new technologies and vehicles powered by natural gas. They say such vehicles can produce significantly lower levels of emissions than traditional fuel sources….and that switching one waste truck has the pollution-reduction impact of removing 325 cars from the road. And as Virginia Public Radio’s Anne Marie Morgan reports, the advocates also say the idea of switching to natural gas for public and private fleets is catching on across the Commonwealth.


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VaNews for 04.14.14

VPAPnewIn spite of a ruling against it, some Virginia police departments are still using license plate cameras that could allow them to track your car as you travel…and a Second Amendment advocacy group has taken exception to a letter written by a Chesterfield County high school principal. Those have been among the most read stories this past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s VaNews link on  Fred Echols reports.

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Capitol Square as Public Forum

CapSquare03The ACLU of Virginia wants to prevent a situation like that in 2012 where 31 protesters were arrested for straying outside a designated area on the state’s Capitol Square. As Virginia Public Radio’s Tommie McNeil reports, the organization is now calling on Governor McAuliffe through a letter to completely revise the regulations that limit citizens from expressing their views to lawmakers and other public officials.

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Virginia Conversations: Urban Farming

Lynchburg Grows Jubilee Farm Camp

Lynchburg Grows Jubilee Farm Camp

On Virginia Conversations, we’re going to the farm without leaving the city….and closing the gap between farm and table.  We’ll talk with speakers from this year’s Urban Agriculture Summit to get their advice on using open spaces in our communities to grow fresh fruit and produce.

 Lynchburg Grows

Leap for Local Food

Virginia Cooperative Extension
Upcoming Events:

Urban Agriculture Summit in Lynchburg April 15th and 16th. Location: Holiday Inn

Seminar on holistic farm management in Goochland May 27th – 29th.


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Access to Vital Records

Vital_RecordsListening to some of the tales of how people obtained copies of their birth certificates is like hearing the hobbit, Frodo Baggins, recount his journey into Mordor. But as Virginia Public Radio’s Tommie McNeil reports, Governor McAuliffe says Virginia is now writing a new chapter—by making those documents accessible through any DMV office.

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The Muzzie Awards

Muzzle2014It’s that time of year again, when the Thomas Jefferson Center in Charlottesville hands out Muzzle Awards to people and institutions that have attacked free expression.

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